Project |01


Making SNS

I joined the Making SNS family 2 years ago, as head designer. Making SNS specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing of a unique line of products, specially designed for sensory integration training and the motor & cognitive development of children.

You can see my work in our websit:

Project |02


Connected Crutches

Connected Crutches is a project that  was born in a Make-athon a year ago. It is a pair of smart crutches that help monitor the users physical health. Our product won first prize for innovation, and I, along with one other team member took part in a 6 months accelerator to keep developing the product. In this project a big part of the work was designing a strong UX\UI design  that can connect a 3D product to a 2D app.

 Since this is an ongoing project it can't be fully shared, here I attached some highlights. 

Project |03


An app that improves the quality of life for people with hearing disabilities Via a technology

that transforms sounds into different
types of notifications and alerts.

Project |04


Color Communicate

As part of my work at a centre for people with special needs I designed a special communication board app that allows easy navigation with use of groups of colors.

This project is only at the UX faze, we are now working on the final design, here you can see some of my design process.

Project |05


Side by Side (patent pending)

A handle that connects to wheelchairs and allows a caregiver to walk and push the chair alongside the person seated, thus enabling eye contact and facilitating conversation. In this project  there are additional parts that allow the person in the chair to communicate with people around him\her. 

Project |06



A pair of glasses made out of a single flat stainless steel pattern. After being cut out the pattern is folded to its final shape, the nose bridge is the last part that is folded, and can be shaped individually for each person to create the perfect fit.

As an eye wear fan this product is a personal favorite of mine, hope you like it too. 

Project |07


Pastel Family

Pastel family is a wooden 3D puzzle. Each family member is made out of 4-5 pieces. The different pieces can be mixed and matched by the child to create his\her own family.

This project is a collaboration with a wooden toy factory called "Pastel Toys" which is run by people with special needs. So, in designing this game their abilities  were a big part of the decision making.

Project |08



A filtering water bottle cap. Fits various existing plastic bottles.

An active carbon stick is placed inside the cap, and is the only part that needs replacing. The idea behind this project is to give people the privilege of filtered water but at the same time produce as little waste as possible (only the active carbon stick).

The stick can filter up to 80L or last for 1 month.

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